Description: Sledge Hammer Hit Rock; Steady Single Hits, Low Thud With High Metal Ring Out —light Debris Falling With Slight Reverberant Quality. Medium.

Description: Lawn Mower: Start And Steady Motor Noise.

Description: Jack Hammer; Jack Hammer At Work.

Description: Jackhammer 2; Jackhammer; Hammering Concrete, Metallic Clanking, Steady, Close Perspective.

Description: Jackhammer Hammering Concrete Loop.

Description: Jack Hammer; Jack Hammer Running With Air Line Hiss In03.

Description: Lawnmower Engine, 3 1 / 2 Horsepower With Low R.P.M., Medium Perspective, Steady, With Rotating Blades.

Description: Chainsaw 2.

Description: Jackhammer 2; On Bridge Above With Deep Knocking Vibrations. Medium Perspective.

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