Description: Weed whacker,Gas,Idles,Low-High

Description: Large Industrial Automated Lathe: Increase Power, Running, Constantly Winds Up And Down; Industries & Factories

Description: Household Hedge Trimmer Ambience On Run Off Garden Tool.

Description: Starting at STIHL 041AV chainsaw and cutting through trees and branches

Description: hammer, hammering, nail, nailing, wood, interior, construction

Description: tools, construction, saw, circular saw, concrete, cut, blade

Description: Motor saw stereo - Recorded with Sony PCM D50

Description: Electric handheld belt sander.

Description: Gun Electric Welding Dipstick, welding ironware bg hangar men working-b

Description: Compressed Air Pneumatic hammer, workmen, close action, changes ferrule location bg city center-b

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