Description: Weed whacker,Gas,Idle,Light Revs

Description: industrial weed whacker whacks with traffic sounds.

Description: This is a gas-powered weedeater revving a few times then being used. It is then shut off.

Description: Gasoline powered weed wacker starting then running and then stalling out.

Description: Electric powered grass strimmer.

Description: Weed whacker,Gas,Spinning,Wispy,Moves

Description: Weed whacker,Gas,Hitting Wood,Crunchy

Description: Weed Eater With Fast R.P.M.. Few Starts And Stops.

Description: This is the sound of a gas-powered weed eater. Towards the end, the weedeater is turned off.

Description: Gas Lawn Trimmer: Start, Idle With Revs, Shut Off; Outdoor Household & Gardening

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