Description: Weed whacker,Gas,Idles,Low-High

Description: Polishing Lathe: Start, Run, Stop Other Power Tools

Description: Steel Lathe: Start, Run, Stop, Factory, Construction, Metal Factory & Industrial Equipment

Description: Ratchet Lawn Sprinkler: Start, Run, Shut Off; Outdoor Household & Gardening

Description: Sound of A industiral jack hammer digging channels in the road.

Description: Hammering a nail, poweer hand drilling a 2x4 with a 1 inch hole bit, and hand sawing a 2x4. Stereo panned with hammer in center and drill and saw 30% opposite sides. Edited for seemless looping.

Description: Turn Large Hand Crank And Gear Mechanism; Vintage Recording; Winches & Pulleys

Description: Hammer, Hitting, Impact, Steel, Version 2; Digiffects; Hammers

Description: Weed whacker,Gas,Spinning,Wispy,Moves

Description: Stereo sound effect recording of a hand saw slowly sawing through a piece of wood. This mid/side stereo recording can be converted to mono without phase problems.