Description: Jackhammer 1; Interior Or Underground, Close Perspective.

Description: Hammer 2; Nail Into Wood, Interior Reverb. Medium Perspective.

Description: Hammer 1; Soft Hits Of Nail Into Wood. Close Perspective.

Description: Chain Saw; False Starts Then Starts With Short Revs And Runs, Then Off. Close Perspective.

Description: Air Drill; Short And Long Spurts. Interior Shop Or Garage Reverb, Medium Perspective.

Description: Weed Eater With Fast R.P.M.. Few Starts And Stops.

Description: Lawnmower Engine Steady, 9 Horsepower Wisconsin Motor, With Slow Idle.

Description: Lawnmower Engine Steady, 8 Horsepower Briggs And Stratton, With Medium Fast R.P.M..

Description: Lawnmower Engine Steady, 9 Horse Power Wisconsin Motor, Slow Idle.

Description: Nail Being Pulled Out Of Wood.