Description: Industrial, Electric Screw Driver, Speeding , Tools; Digiffects; Other Power Tools

Description: Sound of a jet washer washing a object. Ideal for projects that require this type of sound effect.

Description: SFX of a very busy carpentry workshop or Christmas elves franticly trying to meet Santa deadline. Would make a fun ringtone or alarm sound too! A compound sfx interpetation of a very busy workshop with table saw, steel door, ratchet, phone ringing, shop vac, hand sawing, hiss, jigsaw, sanding, hammering, chisel, hacksaw, pipes dropped, filing, extension ladder, and chains.

Description: A short recording of a small ratchet mechanism.

Description: Mallet And Chisel, Chiselling Wood Tool & Toolbox Impacts;Wood Hits;Other Hand Tools

Description: Stereo sound effect recording of a power drill being used, including both short bursts and longer drilling. This mid/side stereo recording can be converted into mono without phase problems.

Description: Weed whacker,Gas,Revs,Many

Description: Weed whacker,Gas,Idles,Fast

Description: Steel Wire, Pull, Grind, Metal, 7 Versions; Digiffects; Metal Foley

Description: Sawing wood with a hand saw.