Description: Tree Being Felled With Chain Saw, On- Cutting, Stop, Falls, Tools; Digiffects; Chainsaws

Description: Saw, Electric Table Saw, Sawing Metal, Screeching, Tools; Digiffects; Saws; Power

Description: Jackhammer 2; On Bridge Above With Deep Knocking Vibrations. Medium Perspective.

Description: Pulls on the starter rope start the engine. Chainsaw revs and shuts off in the end.

Description: Sound of a dental drill on full rotation with suction tool. Ideal for projects that require this type of sound effect.

Description: Tire Changer: Remove Tire From Rim, Air Releases; Gas & Service Station

Description: chainsaw, ice carving, tools, construction

Description: sawing a piece of wood by hand

Description: construction site with pneumatic hammer