Description: Sound effect for Button / Menu interface. For App, Game, Foley and Technology. High quality creative SFX for your media.

Description: Sound of nebulisator, inhalator or respirator, looping

Description: Looping pink noise static signal

Description: Quarter inch audio tape winding up and down with chipmunk effect. Rapid flutter at the tail as it runs out.

Description: Hospital respirator hooked up to a patient. Slow rhythmic. Stereo.

Description: Video Cassette Recorder Open and Close - Cassette in and out

Description: Close proximity recording of the fan of a Rainbow Colour Changer scroller designed as a theatre lighting effect

Description: Money put into a soft drinks machine (Coca Cola, Soda), button pushed and bottle dispenses

Description: The sound of a safe's keypad being pressed, the bolt locking, the keypad being pressed again, and the safe opening. Lower the pitch for a bigger sounding safe if necessary.

Description: Tapping on a satellite dish