Description: PC; On / Boot / Steady / Off; Desktop Computer; Power On / Hard Drive And Fan Spin Up / Beep / Hard Drive Access / Steady Fan Idle / Power Off / Hard Drive And Fan Spin Down, Close Perspective.

Description: Video Game Boing On Head, You're Dead.

Description: Computer; Pc Startup, Hard Drive Access And Shutdown.

Description: Video Game Synth You Won Sound.

Description: Video Game Synth You Lost Sound.

Description: Computer; Pc Startup And High-pitched Whir And Spin With Clicking Hard Drive Access.

Description: Video Game Transition Effect.

Description: Modem Connect 1; 14, 400 Bps Modem Connect; Telephone Rings / Line Noise / Modem Connect. Computer.

Description: Computer; Floppy Drive Spinning And Accessing, Clicks, Cu Pov.

Description: Computer; CD Rom Door Open, Tray Slide Out And Close With Light Whirs.

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