Description: CassettePlayer_S011TE.80 technology, tape, cassette, player, fast, forward, tape, panasonic, handheld, recorder

Description: Technology Video Game Melody Low Random.

Description: Sound effect recording of clicking a computer mouse. Great for websites, videos, animations, etc., or when referencing a website or going online.

Description: Technology Pinball Machine Bumper Hit Ball Ding High Pitched 01.

Description: Technology Slot Machine Pull Lever Icons Spin 01.

Description: Technology Electrical Glitch.

Description: Falling spacey lead in effect. Great for video games, futuristic war scenarios, retro scenes, etc.

Description: ComputerKeystroke_S011TE.115 technology, computer, keystroke, single, small, terminal, keypad, vintage

Description: loop with a light sound, for loading screens, wating moments or any interfaces.