Description: Computer; Floppy Drive Accessing In Left Channel And Hard Drive Accessing In Right Channel.

Description: Computer; Pc Laptop Boot Up, Distant Pov.

Description: Computer; Pc Startup, Hard Drive Access And Shutdown Within Echoey Chassis.

Description: Computer; Old Floppy Drive Accessing And High Pitched Spin, Cu Pov.

Description: Computer; Notebook Computer Lid Unlock, Open And Slammed Shut.

Description: Mac Floppy Disk Drive; Read / Write; Desktop Computer Floppy Disk Drive; Computer Fan Idle / Floppy Insert / Read / Write / Eject, Close Perspective.

Description: Wireless pager alarms in various tones. Alarm, Pager Beep, Pager.

Description: Video Game, Man Running Around Screen.

Description: Wireless pager being clipped back in holster. Clip, Pager Holster, Pager.