Description: Football Crowd; Excited Crowd, Huge, Steady Boos Into Cheer And Back To Boos. In Sync With 64-66..

Description: Crowd, Hockey; Huge 'yeah' Into Cheers, Stomps, Whistles And Screams.

Description: Crowd, Hockey; Light Claps To Cheers And 'oh'.

Description: Arena Crowd; Crowd, Cheer Build Into Wave Collapse.

Description: Football Crowd; Large Cheer Surges, Yells Of 'defense'. In Sync With 19-21.

Description: Football Crowd; Excited Cheer Swell, Cowbells In Background. In Sync With 7-9.

Description: Large crowd yells and whistles during a pro football game in an outdoor stadium. Cheer, Crowd Crowds, Stadium Football, Crowd.

Description: Arena Crowd; Crowd, Active Steady Idle. In Sync With 60 As 4 Track.

Description: Football Crowd; Idle, Active Crowd Into Cheer, Whistle And Scream, Closer Pov. In Sync With 47-48.

Description: Horse Race; Sequence With Gate Open, Trainers Whistle, And Horses By.