Description: Pre-Race Ambience: Swimmers Warm Up, Sports Swimming & Water Sports

Description: Crowd Whistles And Cheers, Announcer In B/G, Pool, Sports Swimming & Water Sports

Description: Swimming Pool, Indoors, People Swimming, Diving, Usa; Digiffects; Swimming & Water Sports

Description: Fishing, Rod And Reel, Lake; Digiffects; Fishing

Description: Amateur: Game, Sports Football

Description: Professional Football Practice, Sports Football

Description: Weight Room: General Ambience, Light Crowd, Sports Exercise & Workouts

Description: Skate Sharpening Machine: Heavy Grinding, Operator Movement; Grinders, Ice Hockey & Ice Skating

Description: Large crowd yells as a touchdown is scored during a pro football game in an outdoor stadium. Cheer, Crowd Crowds, Stadium Football, Crowd.