Description: Boxing, Practice Match, No Spectators; Digiffects; Boxing

Description: Boxing, Training, Gym, Sweden, Environment, Ambience, Sport, Version 2; Digiffects; Boxing ; World Ambiences; Sweden

Description: High School Women'S Basketball: Game Ambience, Heavy Cheering, Applause And Chanting From Players; Schools & Playgrounds, Children Only Crowds, Basketball

Description: Football, American, Touchdown, Cheering, Band Playing, Usa; Digiffects; Football; Stadium & Arena Crowds

Description: Two Boxers Sparring In Ring, Sports Boxing

Description: Exercise Bike, Start, Pedal, Stop; Digiffects; Exercise & Workouts

Description: Fishing, Rod And Reel; Digiffects; Fishing

Description: Large Crowd, Boos And Cheers, Whistles, Sports Whistles

Description: Large Baseball Crowd: General Ambience, Sports Baseball

Description: Stadium Atmosphere Arenas & Stadiums;Football