Description: Ball Hits Wicket And Stick, Sports Croquet

Description: Gymnastics, Parallel Bars; Digiffects; Gymnastics

Description: Fibreglass Kayak: On Board: Paddle At Slow Speed, Sports, Boat Canoes & Kayaks

Description: Gymnastics, Vaulting, Small Trampoline; Digiffects; Gymnastics

Description: Showers: Several Running, Institutional Miscellaneous Sports

Description: Boule, Indoors, Various Throws; Digiffects; Miscellaneous Sports

Description: Dartboard Mounted In Cabinet: Dart Impact In Board Hitting Other Darts; Darts

Description: Throw Rock, Sweep With Rink Rat Broom, Single Impact, Passing By; Curling

Description: Badminton, Playing, Soft, Version 2; Digiffects; Badminton

Description: General Winter Ambience, Sports Snowshoeing