Description: Basketball Player in a large reverberant gym. You can hear the breath and the gasping of the player.

Description: exterior series of short movements in a live recording, slides, sweeps, pedals, knocks, jump. Clean

Description: Various skateboard bys, maneuvers and stunts. Field recording.

Description: Scuba diving bubbles from breathing. Close recording as if from point of view of diver

Description: Swimmer Lone in Pool swim bg drain, water, birds

Description: Soccer, Indoor Synthetic grass outdoor kids play ball, judge whistles, shouting out the ball, kicking bg distant traffic

Description: Skateboard maneuvers super bowl wheels roll ripples cement final escapes bg indefinite voices in the background

Description: Paragliding, person wearing trimmed flight, buckling, closing eclair, Pedra Bonita Rio de Janeiro bg environmental voices hubbub

Description: Muay Thai Gym Close exercises breathing foot wall bg environment uproar

Description: Muay Thai Academy, Pillow punching, kicking, punching, two female athletes reaction vocal bg training environment-a