Description: Boxing Crowd: Large: Bell, General Ambience, Sports Bells;Boxing

Description: Boxing, Practice Match, No Spectators; Digiffects; Boxing

Description: Boxing, Training, Gym, Sweden, Environment, Ambience, Sport, Version 2; Digiffects; Boxing ; World Ambiences; Sweden

Description: Two Boxers Sparring In Ring, Sports Boxing

Description: Large Crowd, Boos And Cheers, Whistles, Sports Whistles

Description: Boxing Gym Ambience: Sparring; Boxers Going At It In Ring; Punches, Footwork, Grunts, Breaths, Men Talking In Background, Medium Perspective.

Description: Boxing Gym Ambience: Jump Rope; Boxer Jumping Rope; Swish Of Rope, Clack Of Shoes, Gym Ambience In Background ( Punching Bag / Grunts ), Close Perspective.

Description: Boxing Match, Usa-Ussr, Agitated Spectators; Digiffects; Boxing ; Stadium & Arena Crowds

Description: Match Small Arena Arenas & Stadiums;Boxing

Description: A recording of gym ambiance: weights, boxing bags, lifting, and all other various gym sounds.

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