Description: Sports, umpire, coach, announcer, male, baseball, Long fly ball to centre...going...going...gone!, human voice speaking.

Description: Baseball Bat Hit: with Echo ( 10x ); Baseball Bat Impacting Baseball; Ten Times, Small Stadium Reverb, Medium Perspective.

Description: Baseball Pitch / Strike: with Crowd Reaction; Crowd At A Baseball Game; Baseball Impacting Mitt In Foreground, “striiiike!”, Close Perspective.

Description: Baseball / Softball; Crowd At Game, Some Boos, Whistling, Cu & Ls Walla, No Plays.

Description: Baseball: Run To Base / Ball Into Glove / Stop; Baseball Player Running To Base; Left To Right, Baseman Catching Ball, Close Perspective.

Description: Baseball Bat, Aluminum, Hits Ball, No Decay.

Description: Baseball Bat Hit Effect: with Echo ( 1x ); Baseball Bat Impacting Baseball; One Time, Artificial Stadium Reverb, Medium Perspective.