Description: This logo with clear sounds of harpsichord and strings background helps to create winter-or-Christmas-or-New Year's atmosphere.

Description: Magic medieval intro with steel guitar, harpsichord and little bells for any your fairy tale.

Description: Majestic oriental intro with typical gong, deep vibrato in melodic line and strings in background. May be it's even an appearance of the Dragon!?

Description: Short logo, which has been played the xylophone with reverberation effect.

Description: Musical cosmic wind sound effect.(Sound E-D-C, 116 bpm)

Description: Exotic and intriguing sound of marimba and cymbals...

Description: Short intriguing intro in style of jazz.

Description: Magic medieval logo with steel guitar, harpsichord and little bells...

Description: Agressive guitar riffs in style of rock.

Description: Clear exciting melody of heavenly handbells just tells us: "Soon is Christmas!.."