Description: Low Wrench, Low, Hard, Pulsating, Engine; Digiffects; Space Fly Bys & Rockets

Description: Rake Whoosh Space Whooshes, Swooshes & Warbles

Description: Swish: soft repeated twirl through the air #1

Description: Comical Liquid Gel Splat, Sci Fi Comic Liquid Accents

Description: Short Juicy Squirt, Comedy Comic Liquid Accents;Squishes & Oozes

Description: FanBladeRotate_S011SF.369 sci, fi, fan, blade, rotate, steady, science, fiction

Description: AlarmSpaceship_S011SF.17 sci, fi, alarm, spaceship, red, alert, science, fiction

Description: Transporter_S011SF.912 sci, fi, transporter, materialize, synth, stab, science, fiction

Description: atmosphere of synthetic gloom.