Description: Robots can speak too! Just take this track, loop it and you may hear first robot's rhyme. Fit for fantastic movies, computer games, as loopable element of industrial music, for DJ's, composers or sound designers.

Description: These are just beats of machine’s heart – measured and stern.

Description: It isn’t a human prayer, it’s a machine one. Did you hear? Who will be able to turn down?

Description: Imagine an enormous spaceship far away from the Earth ploughing a cosmic space and passing strange abandoned and scary places... Fit for films or computer games.

Description: This simple rhythmic industrial tune is loop-ready and you can use it in your compositions. For DJs, composers or just for amateurs of strange sounds.

Description: Penetration into a certain machine module or compartment, din of a machine or reactor and going out. Fit for computer games or sci-fi movies.