Description: Multiple Zap sounds for your spaceship firing sequences. Also at one point I put in some after effects (an after shot delay sound). Useful for Sci Fi.

Description: Classic Sci Fi Swell/Filter sweep played on a Jupiter 6, variations to choose from. Two chords played, sequence goes chord 1, chord 2 then back to chord 1 - as if opening a valve and closing it again. Useful for setting the scene of a Sci fi movie etc. Sci Fi Funk

Description: Sci Fi atmosphere. Synth Sound produced on a Jupiter 6, suitable for creating a sinister atmosphere, as you pan around a seemingly deserted alien landscape. Sci Fi Funk.

Description: Sci Fi Synth Swell (Yamaha CS70 M c.1981). Dissonant. Filter sweep. Modulation bursts. Science Fiction. Royalty Free Sound Effects for Creative Audio Visual Projects Including YouTube, TV, Film, Flash, Poser, Daz 3d etc. Used in the album SciFi Funk by Steve Payne as seen on Youtube and Facebook.