Description: Make sure all your equipment is working properly, this alien liquid world may take your life. This is designed as a loop.

Description: I really don't want to be here, with all the probing and everything.

Description: This science fiction machine changes speeds, switches on and off and moves in stereo.

Description: This was a difficult recording to get, the traffic to Mercury was horrendous and the volcano was wicked hot.

Description: The machines have learned how to take over using liquid and gooey gross stuff.

Description: A sci-fi machine with a metallic conveyer belt type sound. Sound effect for film production.

Description: I have turned on this thruster in order to transport your film or video to another level.

Description: This has got some awesome deep tones and high beeps, the better your audio system is the more you will get out of it.

Description: An all purpose background blips and bleeps, could be your robot, alien, spaceship, ect.

Description: This is a pretty heavy duty robotic machine, large and powerful, use caution.

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