Description: Another sound of a flying space car or perhaps a motorbike driving by.

Description: A flying space car driving by.

Description: Futuristic background laboratory sound effect.

Description: Effect that can be used for a hovering spaceship, cartoon somker

Description: A spaceship flying effect

Description: Sound of saucer or UFO flying by.

Description: This is one sound out of a sound pack includes a whistle sound that signals that something is about to happen. It builds up slowly and has a fast release. The sounds are mostly suspenseful, terrible and horrific. Space has no sound in it, but if it did, this might be it.

Description: This is one sound effect out of a pack which includes several space sounds, that range from high pitch to low pitch, for sci-fi use in videos and games, as well as other media.

Description: This is one sound out of an ident imaging radio sounds pack for any use, including branding. It features several ident sounds: a sound effect with crystals or glass shattering and sci-fi mood like noises scattering to create a short action sound sequence and a background sound of space that creates an ambience of mystery. These can be used as transitions, outro or intro, games and everywhere.

Description: Futuristic sound impulse, light wave sound

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