Description: Large Clunky Walking Androids, Robots & Sci Fi Servos

Description: Robots can speak too! Just take this track, loop it and you may hear first robot's rhyme. Fit for fantastic movies, computer games, as loopable element of industrial music, for DJ's, composers or sound designers.

Description: sort of robotic and fast.

Description: Hydraulic Servo: Short Movement, Several Parts Moving At Once, 3 Takes, Hydraulics, Servos & Robotics

Description: A sound recording of various industrial machinery and vehicles. It can be a perfect fit for futuristic robots, doors, gates, machines and any other mechanical, moving objects.

Description: Large Servo Movement Hydraulics, Servos & Robotics;Androids, Robots & Sci Fi Servos

Description: Hydraulic Servo: Light Movements, Hydraulics, Servos & Robotics

Description: Robot Servo Motor Hydraulics, Servos & Robotics

Description: Robot: Servo Movement Hydraulics, Servos & Robotics

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