Description: Cave Atmosphere With Distant Dripping Water And Large Metal Howls, Ambience Caves & Caverns

Description: prayingmills turning in front of rombuk monastary, tibet.

Description: Moog, Drone, Low, Simple, Strong, Sci Fi; Digiffects

Description: a wonderfull sound of tibetean prayingflags in the strong wind coming down from mount everest in the valley of ronbuk.

Description: Hollow Metallic Drone, Sci Fi Space Drones & Electronic Tones

Description: Drone, Sub, Low, Tone, Sci Fi; Digiffects

Description: Ambience Mad Scientist Laboratory. Ambience Mad Scientist Laboratory Many Rumbles, Bubbles and Gurgles With The Metal Movement Squeaks.

Description: Metallurgy: Sinister Industrial Drone, Horror, Sci Fi Horror & Haunted Ambiences

Description: Mission Control Center: Busy Ambience, Heavy Telemetry, Sci Fi Space Telemetry

Description: Large Breathing Drone, Horror Horror & Haunted Ambiences