Description: Sci Fi Laser Beam Ray Descend Science Fiction.

Description: A futuristic, computer type sound effect. This could be used as a computer hack, gaining access somewhere, or it could even be a robot being activated.

Description: Transporter Activation, Sci Fi Space Transporters, Scramblers & Dematerializers

Description: Command Center: Countdown From 15 Seconds, Sci Fi, Communications, Control Room, Launch Space Landings & Take Offs;Announcements & Speeches

Description: Science Fiction Console Bleep Low 01.

Description: This is a Bloody impact sound whether its a sword, knife, punch, or stab this will turn heads;) thanks for checking it out!

Description: Rocket Whoosh Blast Or Pass By; Space Fly Bys & Rockets

Description: Light Squeak Creature Bellows, Calls & Cries

Description: Mischievous Chatter Creature Bellows, Calls & Cries