Description: Deep Shimmer And Distant Calls Shimmer, Distant Calls.

Description: Long Bells with Steady Low Sub Bell, Low Sub.

Description: Shimmering Tone, Tonal Low with Sporadic Computer Tones Shimmering, Tonal, Computer Tones.

Description: Metallic Airy Shrill Bell Tones Metallic, Shrill, Airy, Bell.

Description: Low Frequency Throb with Metallic Rhythm Throb, Metallic, Low Frequency.

Description: Tractor Beam with Low Sub Tractor Beam, Low Sub.

Description: Airy Drone with Distant Sub-rhythm Hover Airy, Hover, Rhythm.

Description: Dark Bells Huge Bells with Long Decay And Deep Airy Background.

Description: Deep Bell Waves with Light Airy Background Bell Waves, Airy, Deep.

Description: High Pitch Electro Probe Electro, Probe, High.