Description: Ominous background ambience of spaceship interior peacefully cruising through space. Loop Ready

Description: Gentle electrical humming of spacecraft travelling through interstellar space, layered with ominous buzzes and searing tones. Science Fiction atmosphere

Description: Buzzing sound effect for sci fi, film noir or computer interface sound. Three different pitches

Description: Layers of electrical static and interference, good sound for teleport

Description: Peaceful and tranquil sci fi cinematic soundscape. Spaceship interior. Background hum of power generators with light ethereal tones shifting and evolving above. Seamlessly Looping

Description: Dark ominous synthesised drone. A foreboding and ominous underscore, something bad is going to happen

Description: Layers of static, high pitched searing drones and buried murmurs of ghostly voices. Tuning into someone else's thoughts

Description: 60s style sci fi phaser gun electronic whirr.

Description: Futuristic sound design, high tech machinery transforming matter from one state to another.

Description: Rhythmical mechanical whirs, clanking and scraping as a giant robot walks

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