Description: Dark space atmosphere is perfect for cinematic uses, video games.

Description: A frightening effect with synthesizer generated low frequency rumbles and echoing industrial bangs for use in scary horror, ghosts, science fiction, fantasy themes. A good way to add some fright to a media creation.

Description: Sound of the animals on an alien planet.

Description: Meditational peaceful background atmosphere, soundscape.

Description: Background soundscape theme for sci-fi productions.

Description: Alien planet background atmosphere sounds.

Description: A synthesizer generated fluid and dynamic scary horror background effect from the subterranean ocean caves on Electron Planet.

Description: A futuristic energy field of wind effect for games or science fiction apps. It's generated by synthesizer frequency filter swells, pan sweeps, and musical sound effects. A swirling solar wind musical sfx perfect for sci-fi, UFO, unworldly, or ghostly apparitions, Step into the unknown!

Description: Cinematic and steady calm ambiance designed for game audio and films.

Description: An ethereal and spatial sound, mysterious and light, a sense of calm.

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