Description: A muli genre master piece between Rock performer Rich Kennedy and notable Dance producer Albert Cabrera

Description: This is track 5 from my Music Blanket Collection. Jazz bass with beautiful glitch style textures.

Description: This is track 12 from my special groove loops collection. A complete club loop with a sax low note making a party hands in the air environment.

Description: The phone rings followed by an explosion

Description: This is track 4 from my Music Blanket Collection. Guitar chords with arpeggiated textures,no drums

Description: Lady puts phone to snoring mans ear,he screams,she starts to laugh and he joins her,pretty funny loop

Description: Old Phone rings with dogs barking throughout.

Description: This is track 3 from my Tender Grooves Collection. A happy dance vibe with catchy piano.

Description: this has the classic old phone ring along with dogs barking and an airhorn.

Description: Interesting to describe,it has an arpeggiated sound with industrial clanks loop

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