Description: Scary metallic screech transition.

Description: Orchestral crescendo chord in c major

Description: The words "Your Worst Nightmare" spoken in deep sinister voice.

Description: Deep throbbing, buzzing bass pulse ready for looping.

Description: Frantic activity in a busy kitchen mixed into snappy beats making a punchy food logo.

Description: Big, brassy electronic dance anthem club stinger with a four on the floor bass drum. Perfect for multimedia intros, logos and wipes.

Description: Powering down drone of an electrical appliance. Could be used in futuristic, Science Fiction projects.

Description: Spooky and bony sounding xylophone musical stinker for any creepy and mysterious project.

Description: Tribal rhythmic ethnic percussion Stinger Intro.

by hubb | wav | 0:09 |

Genres: Sound Effects , Production Element Electrical

Description: Powerful electrical charge hits a steel cage and resonates.