Description: A quick snappy Ident featuring fast drums and modern synth bursts create ideal game show or sports show TV commercial break stinger/ident. Suggests "be right back after the break" or "coming up next" style themes. Can also be used as logo sound effect.

Description: ImpactEggDrop_S011TX.388 texture, impact, egg, drop, vegetable

Description: Hollow Pipe With Stutter Delay Effect 2.

Description: Sound of: game synthetic bonus stinger

Description: stinger, accent, horror, suspense, thriller, dark, bassy, transition, title

Description: Tomb door opens to angelic voices signifying the Resurrection.

Description: Whoosh; Metallic Jet Airplane By.

Description: Lighter Ignite Production Element Imaging Element Accent Transition.

Description: Drone Electric Buzz Pan Phaser Deep Production Element Imaging Element Texture Bed Atmosphere Synth.

Description: Vocal Bird Call Production Element Imaging Element Accent Transition.