Description: This piece is calm and laid back with a simple piano part backed by strings. Suited very well as background the song can help evoke the emotion trying to be conveyed.

Description: Intense high pitched drone layered of deep rumble, signifying disorientation, confusion and intense pain

Description: Loop ready sound effect that has a digital but disorienting or warped aesthetic. Perfect SFX for uploading/downloading, data transmissions, warping, or scenes where someone is intoxicated, confused, disoriented, dazed, etc.

Description: Sound effect recording of static coming through on an AM radio that's tuned to an empty radio frequency. Great for radio or tv static or radio communication noise.

Description: Psychedelic Loop, 24 Bit, Wave

Description: Crackling noise loop for various projects.

Description: Psychedelic Loop, 24 Bit, Wave

Description: Springy, hard hitting industrial mechanical electronic musical loop.

Description: Twisted horror piece with disturbing reversed vocals and spiritual voices that give the sense of souls being trapped or desperately wanting to be set free. Note: These were not real children's voices.

Description: This is a sound effect of a super 8 projector rolling

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