Description: Deep within earth, rocks are crystallizing. Stereo.

Description: 101 sweet instrumental piano slow, very good for the love film theme !!!.

Description: The air crackles with excitement. Hollywood movie stars work the red carpet. Fans cheer. Field recording of live event.

Description: Dynamical, driving guitar composition on riffe with constant movement. It is good for cinema. electric guitar, electric organ, bass guitar, drums, synthesiser, energetic, driving, cool, urban, i

Description: Lfe Low Frequency Effect Pulse.

Description: BattlefieldAmbience_S011SSFX.15 battlefield, ambience, modern, warfare, loop, 5-1

Description: BirdsForest_S011SSFX.19 ambience, forest, birds, active, light, wind, 5-1

Description: NatureForestSwamp_S011SSFX.207 nature, forest, swamp, birds, 5-1

Description: ForceFieldEnergy_S011SSFX.156 force, field, energy, source, science, fiction, 5-1

Description: Lfe Low Frequency Effect Drone.

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