Description: Slow rising low end drone with sizzling element. Stereo.

Description: Slow, organic, evolving whoosh by. Good bed for other elements. Stereo.

Description: Large turbine slows to a stop with lots of whines and clunks. Stereo

Description: Intensity build element. Choir like harmonics gradually increase in pitch.

Description: Powerful swooshing by. Stereo.

Description: Powerful intensity building element. Starts slow then picks up speed. stereo.

Description: Organic hit that echoes away. Good for shock transition without being the usual stinger. Stereo.

Description: Quick, intense shot. Primary sound is an electrical connection spark. Stereo.

Description: Thick organic medium fast whoosh by. Stereo.

Description: Sad, wind like low pitch whistle with bird like artifacts. Deep. Stereo.