Description: full stereo recording of the portal of an old french cemetery. Totally creepy and creaking

Description: Powerful Cinematic Hit. Deep and metallic Make your project brighter!

Description: Sound of: mellow moody strings theme

Description: For a scary, horror moments

Description: Powerful and deep cinematic hit with white noise.

Description: Powerful single laser blast. Stereo.

Description: Use this drone to evoke the feeling of the ethereal. The heavenly. The angelic. A "higher power". Sourced from an African flute. No voices or synths used. Stereo.

Description: Stereo recording of live common house fly. Various states. Close, clean, suitable for custom design. Pitch EQ up to becomes a mosquito. More takes in insects category.

Description: Powerful electronic transition

Description: strong attack on a cross timbre between a stringed instrument and a bell sound.