Description: 3 new and different emergency vehicle sirens to add to your collection. City recordings but no other traffic and very low ambience. Police. Paramedics. Fire Truck. Stereo.

Description: Dramatic orchestral hit for trailers, movie/film or computer game. Also fits for cartoons/animation, radio, podcasts and any other audiovisual media. Useful as a transition effect as well

Description: Big metallic slam. Variation of my previous slam effects. Stereo.

Description: Trailer hit with heartbeating

Description: This effect is for all-round use, the sounds of which are suitable for any of your project! Games, video, radio, TV.

Description: Whistling wind in to powerful clanging slam. Stereo.

Description: Use this drone to evoke the feeling of the ethereal. The heavenly. The angelic. A "higher power". Sourced from an African flute. No voices or synths used. Stereo.

Description: Ghost like object with haunting overtones passes overhead. Stereo.

Description: Futuristic background space. mystical, weird. Or the sound of an alien object.

Description: Different mix of sizzling sci fi transformation 1. Stereo.