Description: Different mix of sizzling sci fi transformation 1. Stereo.

Description: Manual camera. Winding and clicking in a rhythmic pattern. Pieces can be extracted. Designed to go with what might be a series of still graphics.

Description: Bank tellers money counter sorting at high speed. Close up. Stereo. Other takes available. See office.

Description: Powerful medium slow transitional sound like entering a portal to another world. Stereo.

Description: Iron giant. Close. Nice tone. Stereo. Series.

Description: Powerful cinematic and deep hit, specially for your projects.

Description: Matrix-style bullet time slow motion shot with slow motion IN and OUT, version 2 :) Best for movie/commercial/game/etc.

Description: Quick, tight, spark explosion with bass enhancement. Stereo.

Description: For a scary, horror moments

Description: full stereo recording of the portal of an old french cemetery. Totally creepy and creaking