Description: Fast organic whoosh with short harp strum. For those magical transitions. Stereo. Part of a series. See also "whooshes". Thanks.

Description: Use this drone to evoke the feeling of the ethereal. The heavenly. The angelic. A "higher power". Sourced from an African flute. No voices or synths used. Stereo.

Description: Sound of: space resonance trailer hit

Description: beams or rays of light - thin

Description: Metal punchy blowing hit - delayed

Description: Explosion with debris, glass scattering various objects falling around

Description: Loud cinematic BOOM, explosion in the distance, nuclear boom

Description: large boom or explosion, rattle of interior and then high pitch wine like ear drum popping

Description: A layered and powerful and bright impact sound effect for creating tension and suspense in your projects.

Description: Close stereo micing of a made in Italy automatic i.e. button release knife. Open/close. Two different micings of the opening. Fat, authentic sound.