Description: Explosive boom with spark. Stereo. Good for transitions and white outs/in.

Description: Sharp, explosive, quick burst of energy. Stereo. For White outs/in transitions, camera flash etc.

Description: Hard metallic impact with bass resonance. Variation on Trailer Slam 1 JO. Stereo.

Description: coin sound for slot machine payout, winner.

Description: Powerful molecular "shock wave" element. Mono.

Description: Super fast scribbling graphic as in animated graffiti or cgi writing. Stereo. Multilayered.

Description: Metal punchy blowing hit - delayed

Description: Original crazy, abstract FX for all your projects. Thanks for listening!

Description: Perfect,deep cinematic hit sound for your project. Perfect for trailers, cinematics, websites, or even in music compositions. Don’t forget to rate. Please check my portfolio for more FX.