Description: Enhanced version of an earlier post. Large beast or monster. Stereo. More to come.

Description: Chattering of computer hard drive accessing sectors. Minimal bg noise. Stereo.

Description: Creaky, old wheel turns at various speeds.

Description: Effect for making film ambience. Usable in movies, documentaries, some trailers. It's synthesized.

Description: Multiple fire trucks and emergency vehicles sirens blaring. Recorded at considerable distance. All new. Starts far and gets closer.

Description: Another take of an earlier posting. Distant horn followed by a long approach, close by then pretty cool whistles. The last few would be great for a distant background. Stereo.

Description: Dark, dreamy drone ambiance, with ghostlike voices. Stereo.

Description: Sound of: old and childish piano with ambient stains sounds

Description: Sad, wind like low pitch whistle with bird like artifacts. Deep. Stereo.