Description: Thick, fairly transparent whoosh by from single, powerful moving source. 3 speeds. Dry. Add reverb for longer tail or to place in space. Stereo.

Description: A special sound effect montage in two parts. Part one: The beast is devoured. Part two: The void. Ends on a note of foreboding. Use a piece of the whole. Stereo.

Description: Sharp, explosive, quick burst of energy. Stereo. For White outs/in transitions, camera flash etc.

Description: Underground, slow, massive earth movement. Rocks crystalize.

Description: Distant deep rhythmic metallic pulse. Machine like. Stereo. Locomotive.

Description: Organic whoosh with sparkling trail.

Description: Hard metallic impact with bass resonance. Variation on Trailer Slam 1 JO. Stereo.

Description: Twinkly pixie dust gliss. Stereo.

Description: Metallic switching fx for a large spot light turned on. Stereo.

Description: Organic, foreboding, suspenseful, deep tone with sense of movement. Stereo.