Description: Big metallic impact with substantial mass with delay effect. Stereo.

Description: Distant deep rhythmic metallic pulse. Machine like. Stereo. Locomotive.

Description: Medium fast paced rhythmic metallic pounding with perspective. Like an idling steam train. Stereo.

Description: Bank tellers money counter sorting at high speed. Close up. Stereo. Other takes available. See office.

Description: bright picture of the Russian winter played on acoustic guitar Russian composer. blizzard, snowstorm Russian folk festivals, bells, a cart pulled by horses is fast on snowy roads gay audience

Description: guitar rock with fast-paced

Description: Powerful and deep cinematic hit with white noise.

Description: Powerful cinematic and deep hit, specially for your projects.

Description: Powerful Cinematic Hit. Deep and metallic Make your project brighter!

Description: Powerful Cinematic trailer Hit for your projects!