Description: Fireplace Fire, Bassy Roar From Flames, Not Much Popping, Light Crackle.

Description: Fire; Small Wood, With Roar, Hiss And Crackle.

Description: Cathedral Bell Tower 2; 1 / 2 Tonne Bell Starts, Tolls, Joined By I.5 Tonne Bell, Then 2.5 Tonne Bell Then 16.5 Tonne Bell, Constant Then Slow And Stop, Perspective Closer To 16.5 Tonne At End.

Description: Duomo Cathedral - Florence, Italy - Close Up Bell Rings Noon, with Bells In Distance Leading In & Out.

Description: Fireworks; Sparse Compared To Track 1003-25. Firecrackers, Whistlers, Rockets Launch And Big Booms From Various Places Close To Very Distant. Echo And Reverberation From Tall Buildings, Lots Of.

Description: different sounds from several tibetan singing bowls

Description: Exterior Campfire, Pops And Crackles, Large Flames.

Description: Paris, France: Notre Dame Cathedral: Close Bells Tolling, Call to Mass

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