Description: Casino Ambience, Slot Machine Casinos;Gambling Equipment & Cards

Description: Fireworks; Almost Constant Close Fire Crackers Explode, Multiples. Some Medium To Distant Whistlers And Firecrackers With Bouncy Reverberation From Tall Buildings. Sparse Medium Yells. Recorded D.

Description: Large Firecrackers, W Quick Multiple Explosions, Interior Perspective.

Description: City Church Bells; Medium Perspective Bells Toll Continuously. One Midrange And One Lower Pitched Bell Ring Out Of Tempo, Both With Double Rings, Clanging. Traffic Ambience With Sparse Cars And M.

Description: Structure Fire: Heavy Crackling and Snapping

Description: The sound of a handbell being shaken at fast speed.

Description: Two Clock Tower Chimes, 12th Hour, From Cu And Distant Perspective.