Description: Bell; Hand Bell Being Rung, Clanky Metallic Rings, Close And Away. Reverberant.

Description: Engine 1911 Single Cylinder - 4 Stroke With Nice Exhaust Splat

Description: Church Bell 2, Large, D3; Single Large Church Bell Tolls, Medium Perspective.

Description: School Hand Bell - various ringing

Description: Church Bell 3, Large, D#3, Soft; Single Large Church Strikes 12 Softly, Medium Perspective.

Description: Church Bell 5, Medium, F#3; Single Medium Church Bell Strikes 12, Medium Perspective.

Description: Bet Three Coins, Pull Handle, Large Payout, Gambling Gambling Equipment & Cards

Description: New England Church Bell - Three Close Up Rings- Bells.

Description: Church Bell Tolls - 16th century single bell tolls

Description: Flame Thrower Blasts, Various Lengths, Metallic Quality, 6x.