Description: sound of chaotic water bubbling

Description: Cathedral Bell Tower 2; 1 / 2 Tonne Bell Starts, Tolls, Joined By I.5 Tonne Bell, Then 2.5 Tonne Bell Then 16.5 Tonne Bell, Constant Then Slow And Stop, Perspective Closer To 16.5 Tonne At End.

Description: Bell Tower, 16.5 Tonne Bell; 2nd Largest Bell In World Start, Constant And Stop With 1.5 Tonne Bell In Distance At End.

Description: FireHouseInterior_S011FI.16 fire, house, interior, loop

Description: FireHeavyCrackle_S011FI.15 fire, wood, crackle, heavy, loop

Description: fireworks, rockets and firecrackers mixed

Description: Large Wood Fire 4 - Big fire roar and crackle - burning building