Description: An office paper shredder shredding multiple sheets of paper

Description: Sound effect of a telephone ringing. There are 4 different types to choose from.

Description: Large Commercial High Speed Monochrome Copier/Printer: Print One Hundred Page Document; Photocopiers

Description: Computer, Switched On, Hard Disc Hissing, Switched Off, Office; Digiffects; Computer Starts, Runs & Shut Downs

Description: Computer Keyboard, Typing, Slow, Office; Digiffects; Computer Keyboards & Mice

Description: Data Plotter, Benson 1002; Digiffects; Computer Monitors & Printers

Description: Computer, Imac, Keyboard, Typing; Digiffects; Computer Keyboards & Mice

Description: Busy office ambience, North London accents

Description: Old Thermal Paper Fax Machine: Ring, Receive Two Page Fax; Other General Office Equipment

Description: I recorded this for "Metal Gear: Outer Heaven;" specifically during the briefing when "Big Boss" slides a folder to "Snake," which he proceeds to review. Recorded on my Samson Zoom H4n.