Description: Dot Matrix Printer Printing, Office Computer Monitors & Printers

Description: Computer, Ibm At, Keyboard With Hum From Pc; Digiffects; Computer Keyboards & Mice

Description: Desktop Computer: Dvd Or Cdr: Spinning, From Inside Computer; Computer Storage Drives

Description: Data Processing Centre, Ambience Office Ambiences

Description: Vintage Bolex 16Mm Film Projector, Circa 1960: Start, Rewind, Stop; Projectors, Vintage Entertainment

Description: Super 8 Film Projector: Start, Run Fan, Shut Off; Projectors

Description: 35 Mm Film Projector: Start Fan Motor, Run At High Speed, Stop, Shut Off, Movie Projectors

Description: The sound of a broom sweeping.

Description: Office Copy Machine Toshiba 2060 Run Fan Loop.

Description: Activity,Office,Cart,Rolling,Ambient